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For many of us, flying and becoming a pilot have been life-long goals. Flying permits us to rise above the earth and enjoy its beauty from a new and exciting perspective. Now, with the arrival of Light Sport Aircraft (LSAs) and the Sport Pilot License, these goals are more achievable than ever. Plus, these LSAs are fun to fly!

LSAs are two-seaters, designed to be flown during the day, within visual contact of the ground, under 10,000 feet. The maximum cruise speed is 120 knots and the maximum stall speed is 45 knots. The landing gear is fixed and the maximum loaded weight is limited to 1320 pounds. Since the operating requirements for these aircraft are less complex than general aviation aircraft, training time is about 50 percent less. 

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Flown in Europe for many years, LSAs offer aviation's latest in technological improvements in power plants, building materials and aerodynamic design for smaller aircraft. Designed to hold two passengers (including the pilot), LSAs performance exceed many general aviation aircraft and operate at a fraction of the cost. LSAs are the wave of the future in affordable, personal aviation. 

Flamingo Aviation flies the FK-9 from Germany made by B+F Technik Vertriebs. A top seller in Europe, it comes equipped with the 100 HP Rotax 912ULS. Performance is impressive. Takeoffs and landings are performed in less than 400 feet. It will climb at 1000 feet per minute at gross weight and nearly 1500 feet per minute when flown solo. The glide ratio is 13:1. As an added measure of safety, our training aircraft features the BRS ballistic airframe parachute. 
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